Grolsch Block Party 2013

Grolsch Block Party 2013 —

Oystr. has been the digital agency for two editions of Grolsch Block Party. As creative director, I designed a new brand identity and developed a new logotype together with @coffeemademedoit. I also have been in charge of Digital Communication Management and developed an online strategy for both editions.



Party around the block.

Grolsch Block Party is a street festival that gathers the best upcoming artists in Sweden. For the 2012 and 2013 editions of Grolsch Block Party, we designed an identity, both in print and web. As part of the concept development, we focused the communication of the 2013 edition towards the street food culture in Stockholm.



The Food Truck Movement.

For the 2013 edition, food trucks were invited to take part to the initiative.  In order to raise awareness around the initiative, many food trucks were invited from all over Stockholm and rest of Sweden to serve food during the festival. This, taking space in a public space within the street of Stockholm, helped to start a conversation around the strict swedish laws around street food, enabling small businesses to start their very own food truck.



Facebook and Web

In order to spread awareness and invite the public to take part to the initiative, we built a campaign website promoting artists and food trucks participating to the festival, featuring video interviews, exclusive releases and mix tapes. We then amplified the content through Grolsch Facebook channel, which gained a great amount of attention in the short time of one month before the initiative, gaining over 6000 new fans and 600 000 in reach organically.